Monday, July 28, 2008

Too many blogs?

I follow quite a few craft blogs (52 at the moment!) and realized (several months ago) that it's too much work to check each blog for new posts!

Enter Google Reader. I use Google for just about everything, so this fits right into my personalized home page. I get a list of all the new blog posts, and can pick and choose which ones I want to read.

If you don't use Google, there's also Bloglines.

Hope this saves you some time! If you do use one, be sure to add my blog ;)


Chelle said...

I lurve Google Reader. So much more than Bloglines. Especially now that I've found that I can put all my blogs into folders, and follow all "crafty" blogs, "friend" blogs, etc with one click. Lurve. It.

Chelle said...

Oh yes. and another thing. I love that it suggests blogs to follow based on what you're currently reading. Another way to feed the bloggy addiction.