Monday, July 14, 2008

Dreaming of my new crafts room...

**note: I will keep bumping this post up as I add to it, just in case any of you have any other ideas!

I've found an awesome blog with lots of ideas for crafts rooms and storage: Paula's Crafty Storage.

So I thought I'd start gathering ideas for my new crafts room! This post will be a work-in-progress. I'll continue to add to it as I go, up until the new room is finished. We don't get possession until August 23, so I've got lots of time to daydream.

- Chloe's Craft Corner: a friend (Hi Anne!) had a ne
at little craft station set up at her house, and I'm planning on borrowing some ideas, such as little pails on the wall for crayons, markers, etc and a roll of paper that pulls easily over the desk
- Layout/card storage: I like the string of projects held up by binder clips

- The photo below (courtesy of anng97
on SCS) has a bunch of ideas: peg board, rods for punch storage, baskets for misc storage:
Here's a different idea for ribbon storage - rain gutters! This photo is from pinkhedgehog's gallery on SCS:

- For some additional desktop storage, I need something like this SpinWorx caddy from Staples:

Here's a couple of awesome stamp rooms/ideas:
Capture the Moment
Frantic Stampers
Scrappletini Ave

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