Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tool storage

Continuing with the tour of my crafts room, let's talk tool storage. I'm a practical organizer, and like to have a place for everything, but have it in easy reach. So the wall is a great place to store tools.

First up, punches:
Punch storage is simple with the Bygel rails from Ikea (in the kitchen department). They are easy to screw on the wall, and hold the punches securely. Apparently I should have bought the longer ones...

Next is a very handy storage area, the peg board (I bought it, as well as all the hook accessories at Home Depot). It's right above my work area, so it's perfect for all my tools.

It holds everything from my scissors (ahem, I have a few different kinds), Crop-a-Dile, stapler, bottles of things, brayer, heat tool...the possibilities are endless! You can see that I still have lots of space left.

ps. Don't forget about the blog candy! Go to -->this post<-- for details.

pps. Chelle, I will get to your questions in later posts, but I found the desk on Craigslist, and the ribbon holders are all (old) Ikea stuff. The Bygel rails are $3/$4 (depends on size).


Beth said...

Great ideas! Love the pink. Are you available to organize my stuff? LOL!

Leanne said...

Holy new title! Really pops out at you! You better get on filling up the peg board, too much room on there! Hope the party went well, talk to you soon.

Carolyn King said...

great job!!! love how you organize everything!