Saturday, April 12, 2008

A diaper for Baby

Chloe has been asking where 's diaper is. None of her dolls came with diapers, and her diapers are too big.

So, I borrowed my MIL's sewing machine, asked for a few pointers from some friends, and came up with a diaper. I used one of Chloe's old receiving blankets, and even added a doubler in the middle to be more realistic. I sewed on velcro tabs, to make it easy for her to put on and take off.
Here's the diaper cut out, with the doubler, ready to be sewed. That's the model on the left ;)
Here's Baby (yes, that's her name) wearing her new diaper!
Chloe thinks it's great.

I think it took 30-60 minutes. I'm not an experienced seamstress, but I'm really happy with how the diaper turned out! Now I'm going to make a couple more. One for Dolly, and one for Baby Emma :)


30 something mom.. said...

It looks great! I use to have cloth dipes for my cabbage patch dolls. My mom bought them at a craft fair. :0)

Jill said...

What a fun idea! Cute pictures!

Nancy Grant said...

So creative!!! LOVE EM!