Sunday, March 2, 2008

More organization

Found this handy little unit at Canadian Tire (on sale for $10 from $22). It's now home for all of my embellishments (chipboard, brads, eyelets, metal bits, paper flowers, etc). I decided to stick with my new organizational scheme, which is by colour (and ROY G BIV at that, because I'm a geek). So depending on the colour, there's one to three drawers for each. Each chipboard alphabet set is in a drawer (or two for larger sets). I've stuck samples of some of the chipboard alphabets on the front of the drawer. I think I'll do that for a few of the other ones as well!

The inside of a few of the drawers:
I've mixed red and pink, then orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black and white, metallic, and one drawer for just Christmas stuff. Then there's two rows of chipboard (mostly alphas) and the last three larger drawers are miscellaneous embellishments and larger chipboard.

Overall I'm very happy with the set-up, and can't wait to start using it!


Chelle said...

love it!!

Ms. Crafty If You're Nasty said...

whoa, that look awesome... very jealous right now!

Anne said...

Sweet .. and we have a Canadian Tire here!

30 something mom.. said...

omg that is a great idea! I'm going to have to peek in at CT!