Friday, April 2, 2010

My updated crafts room!

Yay, it's finally done! Before I share the photos, I thought I'd share my previous crafts desks/rooms.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of my first craft cabinet, which was a small Ikea computer desk that had a large desk surface that folded up to cover the opening. Not a helpful description, I know ;)

Anyway, this was my second desk (housed in the spare bedroom), including my ribbon storage (dowels and hanging on clips) and my12x12 paper holder made out of that wire cube shelving stuff. You'll notice in the photos below that I still use almost all of this stuff!

And here's the first version of my crafts room, in our new house. The peg board is one of my favourite items!

And finally, I'd like to introduce you to my updated crafts room.
You can see some progression photos here and here. So, would you like a tour?

Here's the view from the door. Notice my nearly-constant companion Ginger insisted on being in the photo.

Starting just behind the door, my punches stored on Ikea Bygel rods. I have my flat/border punches in a Bygel basket. As you can see, I have lots of space for more punches. Yay!

ps. Little tip (from my friend Carrie) instead of attaching a row of Bygel rods to the wall, attach a piece of wood (MDF works well) and then install all the rods on that. Less holes in the wall. Oh well, lesson learned ;)

Below my punches is a short Billy shelf from Ikea (this width is discontinued), which stores all my SU and PTI stamps behind the doors, and my Cuttlebug and all dies/accessories above.
Here's my new desk. I've gone from an L-shaped desk to a shorter (but much wider) desk (Mikael from Ikea). Peg board and accessories are from Home Depot. I can't say enough about peg boards - love 'em!

Close up of my new ribbon storage. A Ribba picture ledge from Ikea. Ribbon ordered in rainbow (ROYGBIV). The small hutch unit on my desk came with the old L-shaped desk. I kept it because it's so useful! I forgot to take a photo, but the bottom basket on the far left holds all my adhesives - you can never have too many adhesive options ;)

There's even storage space under the desk! Wire cube shelves hold boxes of photos and other stuff. The drawer unit on the right holds paper scraps and memorabilia to be scrapped.

To the right of my desk: Making Memories organizer, shelves from Canadian Tire, my wire cube unit (now holds my stamp binder, paper trimmers, cutting mats, etc.)

Below I have a filing cabinet that houses my 8.5x11 cardstock, in rainbow order, of course. I've separated SU from PTI. There's also some felt hiding in there.

The bottom drawer has my insane sticker inventory (rarely used - oops?) and room for more paper ;)
On the wall beside, non-spooled ribbon hangs on paperclip clamps on a couple little hook racks (very old from Ikea). All my wee embellishments (eyelets, brads, flowers, etc) are in garage organizers from Canadian Tire. Both are organized in ROYGBIV order, of course ;) Below that are my old ribbon spool storage shelves, Bekvam from Ikea. They now hold Stickles and overflow ribbon spools.
A new addition to the room, the much loved Expedit unit. Thanks to some helpful Internet friendz, I was able to make my Cropper Hopper paper holders fit (by putting them in sideways.) Four Kassett boxes hold envelopes and other miscellaneous stuff. My scrapbook albums all fit in a single section (obviously I haven't been scrapbooking enough!) and the final three are for kid-related craft stuff.
Here's the sewing table-slash-overflow crafting area. You can see my card display above, Deka from Ikea.
Also in the room are Chloe's craft desk and her craft drawers. Here she's decoupaging a box with Mod Podge and tissue paper. Anything to keep her busy while I craft ;)

And finally, the HUGE storage closet that's full of miscellaneous junk and another drawer unit that holds gift wrap stuff, extra supplies (doubles of ribbon, tape, etc), and other things.
So, there it is, my updated crafts space. Hope you enjoyed the tour! For more craft storage ideas, check out the Crafty Storage blog (shameless plug, I'm a reporter on the team.) I recently posted about an amazing crafts room that is just SIXTEEN square feet. It's amazing!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Love it! So organized and pretty. Look at all that ribbon, yum!

Sandy said...

I am having craft room envy looking at your space!

pattylt said...

Thank you for the tour! Wow, you have great organizational skilz and I love the peg board, too! I love seeing how others have done their craft areas, I get so many ideas! TFS

Lexy said...

Very Nice. Now do you want to fly to the GTA and do mine :)

Chelle (hanwayink) said...

looks great!!

Leanne said...

It's so pretty! You'll have to come over and organize my ribbon with your rainbow thing. What do you do with patterned ribbon?! Thanks for all your inspiration.

Petra said...

what a great room you have and all so clean :-). You gave me some great ideas Peet

Frarin said...

Hi, I'm remodling mine in the fall and you have really great ideas. Thanks for sharing !