Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Still working on it

I'm grumpy because my 12x12 paper holders (from Cropper Hopper) are TOO BIG for the new Expedit bookcase! (see photo #2 - one of the holders is immediately to the right of the bookcase) I bought it to store all my paper! Argh!!! I searched for photos of what people could fit in them, and I swear I saw one with the Cropper Hoppers in it. Now I have to decide if I want to buy another storage system, or trim these ones down (they're very thick plastic.)


Leanne said...

Did you figure out what to do with the paper holders? Gord hung my stamp shelves last night, now to put up all my Ikea stuff! I'll try to post some new pics tomorrow!

Erin said...

hi just found you thru crafty storage. if you turn the cropper hopper on it's side i believe you either don't have to trim it down, or maybe less. i remember reading a post about it a while back. i don't have an ikea anywhere close so don't have the pleasure of trying to make the expedit work. hth!