Sunday, February 1, 2009

Modifying stamp sets

If you're a Stampin' Up customer, you probably have this set, So Many Sayings. It's three groups of sayings, all piled up, with three large blocks.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to separate the sayings, to make them much easier to use. I'd heard of people mounting them on dominoes, but I decided to just mount them with EZMount. I've had this set sitting (unmounted) on my shelf for many months, just waiting to be used. I want to make some Valentine's Day cards for Chloe, and there are some great sentiments in this set. So I decided it was time to do it!
I decided to use the thin EZMount, and cut out each saying. By the end, my cuts weren't so straight, but I can live with that ;)

Now when I need a sentiment, I just grab one of my acrylic blocks and stamp away!

I'm now thinking of unmounting my wheeled stamps...of course, that will probably take another year!

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care_bear said...

Good for you...That is what I also wanted to do with that set, but never got around to it. Mitchell got to it first one day when I let him craft with me, not noticing that he decided to mount it for me....oh well! What do you man un-mount your wheels? Are you going to cut them up?!