Friday, November 30, 2007

Last chance to enter the draw!

Tomorrow I'll pick a name out of my hat. Well, maybe I'll get Chloe to do it, because that would be cute. And who can resist my cute kid?

These are Chloe's "wings". I'm planning a layout explaining her follicle challenges (aka. hair that doesn't grow).

No, we've NEVER cut her bangs. They've been that length for over a year now.

I hope the curls stay though. I have plain ol' straight hair, and it's boring. Boooooring!

So, what were we talking about again? Oh right. The draw. Only 10 entries so far, so if you haven't entered, hurry up!

I plan on "customizing" the RAK to your style, so it won't just be a bunch of junk I don't want ;)


Chelle said...

hee, love her winglets. Such a little cutie!

anne said...

LOL, hah so cute!