Wednesday, November 14, 2007

10, 20, and 30 years ago...

Jill on InkGenius recently posted a fun quiz: Where I was 10, 20 and 30 years ago I'm considering myself tagged, so:

10 years ago (1997) - I was working at the Cancer Clinic, and attending Kwantlen College. Darren and I had been dating for a year (as of November 24th!). I was living in Surrey, in a tiny basement suite (400 sq feet) with my two cats, and enjoying life.

20 years ago (1987) - I was in grade six, living in Burnaby. My mom still lives in the same house! I seem to have blocked most of grade six from my mind, apparently, as I can't recall much. I do remember reading the book The Twenty-One Balloons, and scoring a perfect mark on the final exam!

30 years ago (1977) - I was almost two years old, but can't say I remember anything of the time.

I don't really have anyone to tag, so if you have a blog, and want to do this quiz, you can also consider yourself tagged!

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Jill said...

Fun! I'm glad you participated and left the link for me. Now I have another blog friend.:) It seems that we have a little bit in common. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog.