Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bring on the tooth fairy!

I promised my daughter we'd make a pillow to hold her teeth, now that number SIX is about to come out. Have I mentioned she's not yet five?

I "conveniently" forgot to remind her to put the first five teeth under her pillow, given that she gets a lot of treats and presents already, but everyone asks her what the tooth fairy has brought her, so this time she wouldn't be distracted :p

Anyway, she wanted an owl, and this is what we decided on. She picked the colours, I did the work ;)

I used the Pink Cat Studio Cuddles digital image (for paper piecing) that I received when PCS was first trying the electronic/hand-cut files. Do you remember this card and this layout? I didn't have a marker that worked well on the felt (and I wanted to work fast) so I printed out the shapes and quickly cut them out.

Then I spent the time embroidering the entire thing. This is only my second embroidery project - my daughter's stocking was the first!

I made a little pocket (to the right of the owl) to hold the tooth.

I used PTI felt for everything I could, and the cheap felt I had for the rest. Wow, the difference is AMAZING! PTI felt is so thick and sturdy. I wish I had more colours so I could have done the entire thing in their felt!


Melissa said...

Eeek! This is so adorable Jessica! Awesome idea!!

Ingrid Danvers said...

Oh my....this is SO cute and adorable. Love it!!

Angy said...

Positively sweet! Love that cute owl and what a lovely idea. A little tooth pocket to hold the tooth. What a fun age too! My baby is about to turn 15. Enjoy!

Stamper for fun said...

Just plain adorable. So cute.

care_bear said...

I love it! I guess Chloe and Markus got their teeth so early, they are ready to come out!!
Did you hand applique all of the pieces?

Monica K. said...

This is so cute! What a cute tooth fairy pillow for your daughter. It turned out great!

Lexy said...

Vert cute. And holy crow I can't believe she's already lost six teeth

Anna (doctorfoodie) said...

Ack! So sweet!!

Michelle said...

Absolutely adorable!!!