Sunday, October 26, 2008

Um. Wow.

I won some more blog candy! Over at the Stamp a Sweet Impression blog!!! I'd actually just decided to stop entering so many blog candy giveaways, as I've been so incredibly lucky, and have won several. I'd like to think this one is because of my "spread the love" post below, so I'll try to keep gathering all the blog candy I find out there!

And this makes me even more determined to have the most awes-o-rama 5000 hits blog candy giveaway, EVER. It's going to be simple to enter, and hopefully I'll tempt you with some great goodies to do so! I've got to delay it just a bit, as I'm waiting on a few things to arrive, so stay tuned!

ps. Rockets are my favourite Halloween candy. And I happened to find a huge bucket at Costco, filled with Rockets, Nerds, Runts, Sweetarts, and Double Bubble! I'm in heaven! Oh, plus some sort of blah lollipops - guess what I'll be giving away on Friday? ;)


Leanne said...

Great, guess I'm making a Costco run...... Glad to see you're up late too.

Chelle said...

congrats on the candy!!

Anonymous said...

yuck...I will give you all of Markus' rockets!!