Saturday, January 5, 2008

One New Year's Resolution Complete!

I've been thinking about cataloguing all my stamps and punches. I've collected quite a few stamp sets, and often forget which ones I have. One of my New Year's resolutions was to get organized. My crafts desk has been fairly organized for a while, but I've done a bit more.

So, here's the desk. I've got scrap paper in the bottom set of plastic drawers, and patterned paper in the horizontal storage shelves. SU paper and cardstock is in the vertical storage (magazine holders). The majority of my stamps are on the top shelf (on the wall) with photo boxes below holding things like acrylic paints, die cuts, more ribbon, chipboard, misc embellishments, and stamp wheels.

The adhesives drawer (yes, I'm obsessed with adhesives!):

The tools drawer - punches, rulers, and trimmers. Oh my! Hmm...there's a few punches missing from this photo. Whoops!
The stickers and rub-ons drawer (sorted by categories):

Brads, eyelets, and beads: I found this great bead container at Wal-Mart, and it's perfect for brads, eyelets, and of course, beads.

Buttons, paper flowers, metal embellishments, etc.

Ribbon storage: I keep the rolls of ribbon on three dowels hanging from the shelf:

And loose, shorter ribbon is clipped together and hung on the closet door:

I have a drawer for: my markers (to keep them stored horizontally), misc tools, glitter and powders, my brads/eyelets holder, gift wrap supplies, gift wrap, and misc (including an industrial sized bag of glue sticks for the glue gun :p)

Here's what I did to catalogue my stamps and punches. I scanned the stamp images in the SU catalogue, scanned the actual stamps (the back side, with the image sticker), or just stamped the stamp on the paper. For the punches, I just punched each shape in blue, and glued them (using the Xyron machine) to the page. I'm going to put all the pages in a folder, and I'll be able to easily flip through and see all my stamps and punches! Of course, there's plenty of room for expansion ;)

And finally, the inspiration for it all, the photos drawer - all the photos waiting to be scrapped! As you can see, I'm way behind. And I have a year of photos still to be printed!


Chelle said...

wow, looks amazing Jes!!

dinah34 said...

holy organization batman!

Chelle said...

Ok, quick question. Where'd you get the horizontal organizer for the paper? I'm looking for something similar, but can't find anything. Help?

Tammy said...

Love your scrap space and all of the orginazation ideas :)

Renee said...

Love your space. It looks great.