Monday, January 25, 2010

Super exciting news!!!

I hinted a few weeks ago about some exciting news, well here it is!I've joined the Crafty Storage team!!! Crafty Storage is a blog dedicated to discover and report on any type of crafty storage (hence the name!). You all know how much I love organization, so I was thrilled to join the team!

My first article is up on the blog: Where Shantaie Spends Her Days

My next article is already lined up, so I'll let you know when we post it. Otherwise, be sure to check out the blog, and let me know what you think!


Chelle said...

whee! congrats & have fun!

Leanne said...

YAY for you! I've always considered myself an organized person, but since you're a pro and all now, you'll have to come over and help me! CONGRATULATIONS! Ooh, I'll have to add it to my favorites. Some good ideas over there.