Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clown Owl Card

A few weeks ago, Melissa over at Pink Cat Studio asked for volunteers to try out a new venture: paper piecing projects! Melissa designed some of her super cute images into files that you can print out and cut by hand, or if you're lucky enough to have an electronic cutting system, you can input the files into the machine, and it cuts them for you!

I'm not lucky enough to have a machine, so I cut all my projects by hand :) Here's my first, the clown owl card:
The image from Melissa is meant to create a shaped card, so when you cut it out, you fold it in half, and you have the beginning of a really cute card! I printed the image onto yellow cardstock, and cut out the card base. The file also comes with separate feet, so I printed those out on orange carstock. Then I had fun dressing up my owl!

I didn't cut the flower on his hat very well, so I made my own with a pipe cleaner and a foam flower. I added some googley eyes and then printed a sentiment "belt" on my computer, repeating it several times for fun.

I have several other projects to share over the next couple days, but meanwhile, check out the other examples on Melissa's blog. There's even a free butterfly paper piecing image and a CONTEST for a $50 Pink Cat Studio gift certificate!!!
ps. Here's the direct link to the Clown Owl image, which includes the bonus shaped card image.

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Leanne said...

Cute! But I think it's called paper PIECING not piercing... Tee, Hee. I think I'm going to head downstairs and see if I can get something done.