Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Buried in ribbon

I'm still here. Just can't find my mojo lately. I think it's lost in this pile of ribbon.
Yes, that's ALL my ribbon. I unrolled all those short (4ft) Michael's ribbons, and am going to try something different to organize them. I've got another idea for the SU ribbon (top dowel) and the long stuff (bottom dowel). Then I have to figure out my embroidery thread and few fibres. And maybe actually create something, one of these days. Oh, and finish the last few things in my crafts room, so I can show it off!


Chelle said...

ahhh yes. Buried in ribbon. Been there... Hope you figure something out to keep all that ribbon sorted yet still handy. Can't wait to see pics of your craft room! Romy tells me it's purrrrrty!

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh look at all that lovely ribbon! Whenever I reorganize I end up forgetting where I put stuff. lol