Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mini Notecards

See, I told you I'd post soon! I felt guilty after my last post, so I decided to do this one quickly.

I've also decided to make a change when listing the supplies in my projects. I'll point out tools/supplies of interest, but I won't be listing them all. I'm trying to spend less time on the computer and more time actually creating!

So I have made a few cards over the last several months, but not many. I preferred to enjoy the beautiful summer outside, and mostly ignored my poor crafts room.

Anyhoo, even with the recent heatwave this week, I'm determined to get back into the crafts room and make the most of all my supplies!

I started with something simple (I think I started making these cards in July, by the way!)

I had a set of embellishments that coordinated well with some SU notecards, so I basically just put the two together. I added some PTI stamps and dies, embossing/impressing, and came up with these.

These ones are fairly simple, just basically the store-bought embellishments stuck on the card. I also stamped the envelopes, using the PTI 2009 Anniversary set.
I decided to also make some of my own embellishments - the two below with butterflies (the other two are more store-bought ones.) The butterfly die is PTI, the scalloped circle is a Nestie. I used embroidery thread for the antennae. The PTI car die and stamp came in handy, as well as some simple circle Nesties:
When I was done, I decided to make a couple totebags to hold the cards. I just free-handed them, although I've done something similar before following a pattern, so these were fairly easy:
So, there you go! I have some more cards ready to be posted, part of a large set that I started making back in, oh, June or so!


BethieJ said...

The mini cards are DARLING and so is the little tote!! ( I just saw a tutorial on these this week.. so need to try it! :) )
Have a GREAT day!

Amber said...

Very nice!!!

lboguski.boguski said...

I like it all but especially the little totes!