Saturday, September 20, 2008

You've got to check out kasanika!

My friend Anne makes the most AMAZING felted and crochet projects. Here's her latest, felted wool baby links. Aren't they beautiful? I love the colours.And these adorable java jackets:
She also makes felted bangles and bags, ipod covers, and more! You can visit her blog or Etsy shop to see more.

I'm eagerly anticipating a set of Kleen Kanteen sleeves. Chloe wants a monster one, I'm going for something a little more grown-up (although I LOVE those monsters!). I'll be sure to post a photo.


Chelle said...

so you're saying my pink monster cup cozy isn't very grown-up? :D

Love the links too. Anne rocks :)

Debbie Olson said...

Oh, MY! These felted baby rings are fantastic!